swissQuant’s In-House Marketing Team Wins Prestigious FinTech Award for Best Use of Social Media

The in-house team of swissQuant has won the coveted WealthBriefing Swiss Award in the category "Best Use of Social Media". The WealthBriefing Swiss Awards recognize the most innovative and outstanding companies, teams and individuals in the financial sector. The awards ceremony was held in Geneva. The team prevailed over other high-caliber projects by impressing the judges with its consistent and authentic brand language as well as its diverse and successful content formats.

“We are very proud to have prevailed against large international teams,” says Owen McCall, Head of Marketing at swissQuant. From left to right: Thomas McAdam, Deputy Head of Marketing, Patrizia Negri, Lead Content Marketing, Owen McCall, Head of Marketing.

Winning Social Media Strategies

The leading solution provider in the financial sector persues a dynamic, people-focused approach to its social media strategy.

By leveraging on in-house expertise, the team produces content that delivers real value to a demanding B2B audience. swissQuant creates engaging and educational campaigns that address audience-specific topics in a professional and personal manner.

The consistent and authentic brand language places a clear focus on diversity and inclusion, both internally and amongst partners and customers. Consequently, this has led to an active LinkedIn community and has positioned swissQuant as a strong partner for finance professionals.

Mohamed Louizi, CEO of swissQuant, emphasizes the transformative power of social media for the company:

“Social media, for us, has been a game-changer. It’s where our content comes alive, engages in real-time, and drives conversations. The fusion of video production and strategic marketing has led to tangible results. From generating qualified leads to elevating our brand’s stature, in-house expertise has been pivotal in our company’s continued growth and excellence”.

Think Big, Work Lean

By nurturing internal talent and leveraging its network, the team has set a benchmark for compelling, informative content. Despite being a compact team, the success rivals that of much larger international teams. This stems from a shared vision of creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. It’s the unique blend of passion, innovation, and authentic storytelling that allows swissQuant to punch above its weight in the industry.

“Building a team culture centered around ownership, open feedback, and continuous learning is a key objective for us”, says Owen McCall, Head of Marketing at swissQuant. “Our team’s diverse experience, dedication to quality and skill in leveraging innovative tools and strategies positions us to consistently deliver exceptional results”.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

The fusion of dynamic video production and strategic, multi-touch marketing delivers tangible results. Future initiatives include integrating AI-driven data analytics and exploring new tools, platforms, and media avenues to engage with our target audiences in innovative and dynamic ways. 

Winning the “Best Use of Social Media” award is a testament to the effective marketing and communications strategies and the positive impact of a people-focused social media approach in connecting with B2B audiences.

Responsible at swissQuant: Owen McCall (Head of Marketing), Tom McAdam (Deputy Head of Marketing), Patrizia Negri (Lead Content Marketing).

Impressions From the Event

Winners and highly commended companies were announced on 8 February 2024 at the Gala Ceremony at the Hotel President Wilson, in Geneva.

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About WealthBriefing

The WealthBriefing Swiss Awards have been running since 2013. The WealthBriefing Swiss Awards are part of a global program run by ClearView Financial Media. Founded in 2004, ClearView Financial provides high quality ‘need to know’ information for the discerning private client community.  London-based, but with a truly global focus, ClearView publishes the WealthBriefing group of newswires, along with research reports and newsletters, while also running a pan-global thought-leadership events and awards program.

About swissQuant

Established in 2005, swissQuant is a technology firm specializing in the development and implementation of software solutions and data analytics tools for the financial industry. swissQuant supports leading banks, wealth and asset managers, family offices, and clearinghouses, in their digital transformation and geographic expansion by bridging the gap between traditional financial wisdom and fintech innovation.


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