Breaking new ground in retail banking: The wiLLBe success story

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Harnessing the power of innovation

Building upon LLB’s financial expertise and swissQuant’s technological mastery, we aimed to revolutionize retail wealth management services. wiLLBe became our innovative answer – a robo-advisory app designed to extend the reach of wealth management like never before.

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A monumental milestone: 100,000 downloads within six months

Within just six months of its launch, wiLLBe had been downloaded a staggering 100,000 times. This milestone exemplifies the platform’s resounding success and the overwhelming acceptance it has garnered from its users. But what made wiLLBe resonate so strongly with its audience?

Customizing investment experience with wiLLBe

wiLLBe’s primary strength lies in its scalable personalization capabilities. It tailors optimal portfolios matching each client’s risk profile. Capable of managing high-volume requests and offering automated rebalancing within LLB’s product universe, it ensures each user has a bespoke investment experience.

Advocating for ethical investment

In an era where the significance of ethical investments is rising, wiLLBe seamlessly integrates ESG and SDG preferences, aligning investment strategies with clients’ ethical goals. This feature has been instrumental in attracting a generation of conscientious investors eager to make a positive societal impact.

Driving growth with digital transformation

The introduction of wiLLBe marked a pivotal moment in LLB’s digital transformation journey. By increasing operational efficiency and expanding the client base, this trailblazing platform has fueled LLB’s growth while maintaining its reputation for world-class service.

Empowering Clients with Autonomy

As a cornerstone of swissQuant’s philosophy, client-centricity has been a critical focus in designing wiLLBe. It provides complete portfolio transparency, ensuring clients have round-the-clock access and control over their financial decisions.

wiLLBe: Redefining the landscape of retail banking

The launch of wiLLBe has marked a significant turning point in retail banking. The platform has opened doors to a broader clientele, promoted sustainable investment, and enabled unprecedented client control and transparency. Looking ahead, we’re excited about the potential wiLLBe holds to further shape the future of the industry.

Are you next? Your customized white label robo-advisory solution awaits

We’ve witnessed the transformative impact of wiLLBe, and now we’re inviting you to experience it too. By implementing a white label version of the wiLLBe app, you can provide a personalized and automated wealth management service that truly resonates with your clients.

Imagine having a solution that empowers your clients with round-the-clock portfolio transparency, that integrates ESG and SDG preferences into investment strategies, and that manages high-volume requests with automated rebalancing. These are just a few benefits that a white label version of wiLLBe could offer to your banking institution.

Join us on this path to revolutionizing retail banking. Our team at swissQuant is eager to work with you to create a white label solution that echoes your brand’s identity and caters to your unique needs.


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