An award-winning margining and risk management tool for CCPs

Boost trading volumes & reduce member collateral requirements by 50%
with CleaRisQ

CleaRisQ is a real-time portfolio risk engine providing a complete suite of award winning analytical tools for risk managers, quants and clearing members

Drive success with advanced margining, back-testing, and stress-testing

Clients who trust our solutions:

CleaRisQ is the key to navigating market volatility

In an ever-changing and competitive CCP market, staying ahead means swiftly adapting to changing conditions and meeting evolving client needs. We understand the constant challenges you face and have built CleaRisQ to help you tackle them head-on.

Fueling the Trade Engine

Real-Time Margining

Enable your compliance teams to navigate market changes confidently, leading to reduced risk, increased trading volumes, and bolstered operational efficiency.

Foresee and Fortify

Stress Testing & Default Fund Sizing

Simulation of historical and hypothetical scenarios helps you assess risks, determine optimal default fund sizes, and gear up for the unpredictable. Turn uncertainties into your strategic advantage.

Navigate Market Volatility with Confidence

Adapting to the dynamic and ever-changing CCP market calls for a reliable partner. Turn market volatility into strategic opportunity, bolstering your agility with real-time margining.

Mastering Collateral Management

Take the reins with informed margin haircut decisions, improving control, reducing risks, and boosting trading volumes for your clearing members.

Next-Gen Clearing Framework

Regulatory Compliance

High Throughput Capacity

Streamlined Implementation

Rapid Deployment, Immediate Advantage


Speed is the heartbeat of today’s dynamic financial markets. CleaRisQ’s swift implementation process allows you to leverage its full potential quickly, gaining immediate strategic advantage. No prolonged wait times or business disruptions.

Pioneering CCP Risk Management


Innovative Technical Models: Experience a data-driven approach that perfectly balances margin requirements and procyclicality. Navigate your daily challenges with our extensive coverage and efficient portfolio netting.

Steadfast Compliance

Regulatory Ease

Ensure your operations align with ongoing regulatory requirements. Tools like backtesting, sensitivity analysis, and reverse stress testing give you a complete understanding of risk management processes, keeping you ahead of the compliance curve.

Optimized Operations


Embrace the power of real-time efficient margining. Our adaptable solution increases your oversight of clearing member positions, paving the way for operational efficiency and enhanced trading volumes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Effective collateral management allows for informed margin haircut decisions, offering more control and mitigating risks. This enhanced oversight and risk management can lead to increased trading volumes from your clearing members and better operational efficiency for your institution.

CleaRisQ offers features such as backtesting, sensitivity analysis, and reverse stress testing to ensure your operations remain compliant with ongoing regulatory requirements. This complete understanding of risk management processes helps your CCP stay ahead of the compliance curve, fostering trust amongst your clearing members and encouraging healthy trading volumes.

By simulating historical and hypothetical scenarios, this tool provides a valuable foresight into potential risks and prepares your CCP to weather any financial storm. This preparedness makes your institution more resilient and provides confidence to your clearing members, promoting healthy trading activities.

The self-calibrating VaR models are designed to be resilient to market shifts. This enables your CCP to swiftly and effectively align strategies with both regulations and CCP goals. Their rapid response to market volatility ensures steadfast regulatory adherence and gives your clearing members the confidence to trade more.


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