Digital Investing for Retail Clients

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Expand the reach of your wealth management offerings by up to 50%
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Supercharge your reach with scalable wealth management

Unlock the potential of new client segments with a user-friendly, automated investment process. By offering single instrument and fractional stock investing, you can extend your client base to those previously beyond the reach of traditional wealth management, improving cost-efficiency in the process.

Deliver Personalized, Optimal Portfolios

Provide personalized portfolios that align seamlessly with every client’s risk and ESG profile. Efficiently administer your entire client roster with automated rebalancing, thereby channeling resources away from mundane tasks and towards more value-enhancing endeavors

Promote Responsible Investments

Align investment strategies with ESG and SDG preferences to meet your clients’ financial and ethical goals. Facilitate responsible investing and enable your clients to make a positive impact.

Achieve Scalable Growth with Digital Transformation

Leverage our digitized investment process to enhance cost efficiency, broaden your client base, and extend your wealth management services to untapped markets. Engage with a diverse range of clients while maintaining the top-tier service your bank is renowned for.

Enable 24/7 Portfolio Transparency and Insights

Grant your clients complete control with comprehensive portfolio analysis accessible anytime, anywhere. Our platform provides detailed transaction insights and measures the impact of financial decisions on portfolio balances, ensuring your clients are confident in every step they take.

Fractional Stock Investments

Integrated Sustainability Preferences

Weekly Batch Rebalancing

ISO/IEC 27001 Certified


Scalability & Outreach

Our white label app democratizes wealth management, extending your bank’s reach to new client demographics, and effectively broadening your customer base.


Individualized Portfolio Optimization

Streamline portfolio management with automated rebalancing and sophisticated features, providing a personalized experience aligned with each client’s financial goals.


Sustainability Focus

Promote a socially responsible investment approach with the integration of ESG and SDG preferences, aligning investment strategies with clients’ ethical goals and contributing to a more sustainable future.


Enhanced Client Experience

Boost client confidence with round-the-clock access and self-service capabilities, allowing clients to take control of their investments and make informed decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our white label app is built for easy integration with existing systems, offering a straightforward implementation process and ongoing support for a seamless transition.

We employ advanced algorithms to cater to individual client risk profiles. By considering each client’s financial goals, risk tolerance, and investment preferences, our solution crafts customized portfolios and uses automated rebalancing to maintain optimal portfolio performance.

Yes. Our solution was designed to efficiently manage high-volume requests. Its robust design allows for handling of bulk requests without compromising on performance or efficiency.

Clients can specify their sustainability preferences, and the system incorporates these into the investment selection and portfolio construction process, ensuring alignment with the clients’ ethical goals.

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