Goal-Based Wealth Management

Strategize and envision financial goals uniquely tailored to each client’s aspirations

Increase your share of wallet by 10% with 360° client views from retail to UHNI
with Goal-Based Wealth Management

Engage in proactive wealth management that enlightens the path to your clients’ financial objectives

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Goal-Based Wealth Management is the key to transforming Wealth Management for HNIs and UHNIs

From envisioning goals to continuous monitoring and portfolio rebalancing – you will elevate your service to new heights, offering something unique to your distinguished clientele.

Enrich Your Clients' Journey with Transparency

Offer clear, insightful analyses at individual and aggregate levels, empowering your clients to take an active role in their wealth journey, fostering trust, and fortifying advisor-client relationships.

Pioneer Practical Financial Planning

Understanding, respecting, and actively pursuing your clients’ financial goals and risk capacities has never been easier. Gain in-depth insight into their financial worlds and craft bespoke wealth management strategies.

Unleash Your Advisors' Potential

Equip your advisors with the resources they need to devise dynamic financial plans that meet your clients’ evolving needs. Navigate complex trade-offs effortlessly and offer superior recommendations tailored to individual circumstances.

Proactive Management and Monitoring Made Simple

Stay ahead with our powerful simulation and monitoring features. Proactively adjust portfolios, track wealth evolution, and stress-test varying scenarios.

360° Client View

From Retail to UHNWI

Advisory & DPM centric

ISO/IEC 27001 Certified



The power of personalization is a true differentiator. Quantify life goals, optimize multiple financial objectives, and provide bespoke, dynamic planning to meet your clients’ aspirations.


Coverage Breadth

Embrace the inclusiveness of a solution that considers the whole balance sheet – including non-bankable assets like property, private equity, and art. Offer true financial optimization for a more accurate reflection of each client’s wealth situation.



Our dynamic multi-period risk frameworks take into account different return assumptions over time and potential capital market crises, ensuring robust investment management across market conditions.



Empower your advisors and clients to make informed decisions that pave the way to sustainable growth. Our advanced capabilities make realizing financial aspirations a tangible reality for all client segments. Increase your share of wallet by having access to external assets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Goal-Based Wealth Management includes broad asset integration, which allows for a comprehensive view of a client’s wealth situation. This includes not just standard financial assets, but also non-bankable ones like property, private equity, and art. The system is designed to incorporate these assets into the financial planning process, which can help provide a more accurate reflection of each client’s wealth situation and more effective financial planning.

Yes, Goal-Based Wealth Management is specifically designed to handle multiple financial goals simultaneously. This is made possible through multi-goal optimization, which allows advisors to navigate complex trade-offs effectively. Each financial plan can be customized to suit the unique goals and needs of individual clients.

Goal-Based Wealth Management employs multi-period risk frameworks that consider different return assumptions over time. This allows for the management of potential capital market crises, making sure the client’s investments are robustly managed in any market condition. By considering different return assumptions over various periods, the system can more accurately adjust and manage risk as market conditions change.

Thurgauer Kantonalbank

Client success

Learn how Thurgauer Kantonalbank (TKB) embraced a progressive shift in their investment model, choosing to integrate the pioneering Goal-Based Wealth Management (GBWM) solution developed by swissQuant.


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