Revolutionizing Investment Advisory: The LGT Success Story

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Bridging Regulatory Compliance with Digital Innovation

In the face of new regulatory challenges, LGT embarked on an ambitious journey to elevate their offerings for the European market. Four years of relentless pursuit of innovation and efficiency culminated in a triumph not only on the compliance front, but also in the realms of operational efficiency and business expansion. At the heart of this transformation was the creation of a new digital platform that revolutionized LGT’s investment advisory offering. Key to this innovation was swissQuant and their industry-leading risk analytics and portfolio construction engine.

Effortless Meeting Preparation: A New Era of Efficiency

With the new digital platform, the once time-consuming preparation for consultation meetings has been dramatically streamlined. Automated collection and creation of client documents, as well as the development of suitable risk-sensitive investment proposals, have significantly reduced processing times. This efficiency gain was made possible by the seamless integration of swissQuant’s advanced risk analytics capabilities.

Customized Investment Proposals: Balancing Client Preferences and Regulatory Compliance

The new digital platform enables LGT to automatically construct suitable investment proposals, recognizing individual client preferences while also reflecting the bank’s investment philosophy. swissQuant’s sophisticated risk capabilities allow for comprehensive risk-based portfolio suitability evaluations, ensuring compliance with current regulations. The result? A delicate balancing act between personalized service and regulatory compliance, made seamless and straightforward.

Compliance with Ease: Meeting European Requirements

In an era where regulatory compliance is key, the combined advisory solution of swissQuant and Avaloq is perfectly integrated into LGT’s new digital platform. This harmonious integration contributes significantly to meeting the challenging European compliance requirements, while also offering an enhanced user experience.

Expanding Possibilities: The Outcome of a Successful Collaboration

Reflecting on this successful collaboration, we’ve not only improved the efficiency of LGT’s digital advisory solutions but also expanded their core offering by integrating bank-specific requirements. This project stands as a testament to what can be achieved when regulatory need meets digital innovation: a new era of efficient, personalized, and compliant investment advisory.

Are You Ready for Your Digital Transformation?

As showcased in the LGT success story, swissQuant’s expertise can empower your bank with a digital transformation that combines efficiency, compliance, and a client-centric approach. Imagine a solution that simplifies meeting preparations, personalizes investment proposals, and effortlessly meets compliance requirements. Join us on this path of digital innovation in banking. Our team at swissQuant is eager to collaborate with you to craft a solution tailored to your unique needs.


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