Risk.net crowns swissQuant’s risk managment software ‘CleaRisQ’ Central counterparty clearing support product of the year

We're delighted to announce that our ground-breaking product, 'CleaRisQ', has been awarded the 'CCP Clearing Support Product of the Year' by Risk.net at the esteemed Markets Technology Awards 2022.

Joining the Ranks of Global Powerhouses

This accolade is a recognition of our commitment to innovation and excellence in risk management. By winning this coveted award, SwissQuant shares the spotlight with international powerhouses such as Nasdaq & Moody’s Analytics, further cementing our reputation as a leading innovator in the FinTech space.

What are the Markets Technology Awards

The Markets Technology Awards recognize trailblazing companies revolutionizing today’s markets through cutting-edge technology. This year, the competition was fierce, with over 190 entries, highlighting the vibrant, diverse, and innovative technology firms shaping the finance industry.

Introducing CleaRisQ: Revolutionizing Risk Management

CleaRisQ, launched in April 2021, is a comprehensive, real-time, data-driven portfolio Value-at-Risk (VaR) management system that handles over 100 million transactions daily. Designed for financial market infrastructure (FMI) providers and central counterparties (CCPs). swissQuant’s risk management solution CleaRisQ supports EuroCCP’s pan-European growth strategy by calculating real-time FHS VaR risk on transactions worth €40Bn per day.

Features and Benefits of CleaRisQ

CleaRisQ offers an array of features to manage end-of-day and intraday margin calls based on real-time calculations. These include:

  • Initial margin, variation margin, and collateral haircuts calculations.
  • Customizable portfolio VaR/CVaR methodology factors anti-procyclical components and custom add-ons.
  • Comprehensive modules for risk managers, quants, and clearing members.
  • Position drilldown analytics, what-if scenario analysis, backtesting, sensitivity analysis, reverse stress testing, and more.
  • Efficient and effective risk models contributing to improved market liquidity and resilience.

With CleaRisQ, CCPs can streamline their systems architecture, reduce operational risk, and remove methodological inconsistencies. The system also offers clearing members real-time, read-only risk analytics.

Looking Ahead

Driven by ‘design thinking,’ CleaRisQ aims to elevate standards in the CCP industry. Its adaptability and scalability provide both established and emerging FMIs a pathway to consolidate their strategic positioning and compete in an increasingly interconnected global marketplace. SwissQuant remains committed to making markets more efficient, liquid, and resilient, and CleaRisQ is instrumental in realizing this vision.

Read more in our winner’s interview with Risk.net.


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