swissQuant’s risk managment solution CleaRisQ Clinches Swiss Risk Association Award

We're delighted to announce that our pioneering risk management product, 'CleaRisQ', has been honored with the prestigious Swiss Risk Association Award.

A Nod to Swiss Excellence in Risk Management

The Swiss Risk Association is a leading institution striving to solidify Switzerland’s position as a center of expertise in risk management and financial engineering. This accolade from such a reputable body is a testament to SwissQuant’s significant contribution to best practices in global risk management.

The Swiss Risk Association’s Mission

By awarding CleaRisQ, the Swiss Risk Association reaffirms its mission to strengthen the network and exchange of risk management experts across various industries, and:

  • Share Risk Information
  • Set Risk Standards
  • Organize Events
  • Create a Networking Platform

Award Criteria: Showcasing Excellence and Impact

The Swiss Risk Association Award considers several pivotal criteria for its nominations for the Swiss Risk Award:

  • Practical Impact: Enhancements to the effectiveness and efficiency of risk management practices
  • Originality/Creativity: An ability to innovate and expand intellectual boundaries
  • Societal Impact: The potential contribution to the risk management system from a societal perspective

CleaRisQ, with its innovative design and significant societal impact, is a fitting recipient of this award.

CleaRisQ: Redefining Risk Management

Developed by SwissQuant and successfully deployed at EuroCCP in 2021, CleaRisQ is now at the epicenter of European Financial Markets Infrastructure. With its ability to calculate real-time risk on 8 million transactions and €40 billion per day, CleaRisQ is redefining the landscape of risk management.

Envisioning a Bold Future with CleaRisQ

Through its cutting-edge implementation, CleaRisQ is shaping an exciting future for risk management while rising to today’s challenges. This recognition by the Swiss Risk Association highlights SwissQuant’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of risk technology, further solidifying our role as a thought leader in the financial risk management sphere.


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